Rent a Tropical Woods

Item #: Item #: DBL-7368RTW      

Venue: Fountains of Ramsey - Ramsey, Minnesota

Enjoy your wedding celebration, corporate event, theme party, or Prom, with this tropical RENT-A-WOODS.  This unique rental easily brings in a touch of tropical paradise saving you mountains of time!  Especially welcomed during the long winter months of Minnesota. 

This is just a small sampling of what we have available for your scenic backdrop.  We cater and adjust pricing to your needs.  Whether you prefer a small tropical grouping or a grandiose jungle, we are here to work with you and help you to achieve the right look for your occasion.  Pricing can only be quoted once the trees/shrubs and filler plants have been chosen, as well as the zip code for round trip delivery.

This exact grouping consists of the following:

0461T 7' Olive Tree $287.94
0541T-7 7' Bamboo Tree $  55.00
0541T-6 6' Bamboo Tree $  45.00
DBL-74782T 48" Green Shrub $    8.00
DBL-74782M 40" Green Shrub $    6.50
DBL-74782S 26" Green Shrub $    3.00 x 2
DBL34333 2' 6" Dieffenbachia $  10.00 x 3
0443T 7' Areca Palm $  59.95
0443T 5' Wisteria Tree $  50.00
TB170036-3 3' Parlour Palm $  25.00
TB170036-4 4' Parlour Palm $  35.00
DBL92532 18" Azalea Bush $    4.00 x 5

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(Delivery not included) 


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