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What's Rent-A-Woods?!?

Rent-A-Woods brings the outside in!  Except we rent artificial trees, shrubs, greenery, vines, grasses and flowers.  Need an Enchanted Forest backdrop, or maybe your hosting a Hawaiian Luau, Desgins by Lisa is the ticket to create any outdoor theme from Nautical/Seaside themes and Secret Gardens to Christmas and Winter wonderlands.  Event and Prom Coordinators and Set Designers are our most popular clients as we have everything they need for their outdoor scene.

We store all the artificial items in our warehouse, and can provide roundtrip delivery in our enclosed trailer straight to your event.  Are you looking for professional event decorators?  A lot of our Rent-A-Woods designs provide set up, so you don't have to lift a finger. 

To see all of the clientelle we service and the array of popular themes we have, simply go to "Our Services" for more detail.

What's Rent-A-Woods?!?

I'd like to see Rent-A-Woods!