Robellini Palm Pair

Item #: TL811      Size: 6 feet

Color: Two Tone Green

Weight: 15 lbs

Material:  Plastic

This is a very sturdy and life-like palm.  We especially like it because it can be used as an outside rental, even if it rains as it's made of hard plastic.  We utilize this palm in our Rent-A-Tropical Woods and Rent-A-Jungle orders.  Click here to see what we did with this pair.  Only 2 available and brand new!

On the right is the actual rental of the 6' Robellini in the landscape pot.  The planter shown on the right is available for rent for $19.00 and will raise the palm another 7".  We do not recommend renting trees without planters as they can be easily tipped, especially near a dance floor.  If utilizing on a altar or stage, a planter is not needed unless there's a lot of foot traffic.  Use your own planters or rent one of ours.  The choice is yours.

$95.00 each
Rent 2 and save $10 for   $85.00 each

Buy:  Not Available