Wedding Table Arrangements

Item #: 12816CD WH       Size: 17in L x15in W x25in H

These are very real looking, which is why we invested in them.  Quite classy compared to what you would expect.  The whitish/cream petals are secured into the glass vase with the look of water, without the spills.   This is a brilliant and beautiful idea for the last minute wedding, or weddings in which you want flowers for the tables but don't necessarily have the help decorating on wedding day.  Just place on each table for an elegant and lovely ambience.  Add votives for a touch of extra beauty!

  2/$72.00 each
  8/$64.80 each
12/$55.00 each
  2/$135.00 each
  8/$121.50 each
12/$111.00 each

4 lbs