White Winter Twig Tree

Item #: X167181      Size: 8 feet

Need a winter look?  Mix and match this 8 foot tree with Christmas trees to set against a white draping backdrop for your special event or theme.  Other sizes available are: 2' ($35.00 rental) , 3' ($53.85 rental),4' ($70.10 rental) ,5' ($85.94 rental) ,6' ($134.00 rental) , and 7' ($180.00 rental) also available)  For events, we suggest placing the base in a larger planter for stability, or weigh down with white bricks if people will be walking among them.

8' TREE, 800L WARM WHITE LIGHTS, SQUARE METAL BASE, White Tape, 16.5' LED WIRE, 24V CSA ADAPTOR, White WIRE,, White Box with Color Label

Product Weight & Dimensions:

  • L42" W42" H96"
  • Product weight: 8 lbs
1/$209.29 each
2 or more/$188.84 each

1/$392.79 each
2 or more/$353.50 each