Fern Candle Ring

Item #: FN6      Size: 6.5 inch
Dimensions: 18"L x4"W x18"H
Weight: 3.75oz
Color: Green
Material: Plastic
Inner Dimension: 7"L x7"H

You'll find so many great uses for this piece!  Beautiful for wedding guest tables whether in the summer or during the holidays.  Can be mixed in with Chritmas greenery, or Spring garlands for your own unique look.  Can ornament any style of glass vase or centerpiece to add more depth and color to your guest tables.   Compliments centerpieces that are too small for a 72" round table that some venues have.  Brings the centerpiece "out" more on the table to fill in blank space.

18/$10.20 each
24/$  9.18 each
12/$19.15 each
18/$18.40 each
24/$17.21 each