Real Curly Willow Branches

Item #: WILLOW      Size: approx 2-3 feet

These live curly willow branches are very popular and very affordable.  The standard height for a table centerpiece is the 2ft - 4ft height although we have other heights available  see below**.   

Add anything you want to these magnificant live branches.  They are hands down our number one rentable "stick" in our inventory.  

When they are first purchased in the summer, they are green, if they are out of water for more than two days, they are chocolate brown.  We rent them either way.  Brown is used most often.  

**Also available in 4-6' and on up to nearly 8' tall!  Call for pricing @ 612-386-7052.

Bunch of 10 LIVE branches 
2.5'-4' High (other heights available)

6/$6.95 each bundle of 10