Solar Heron

Item #: 11537      Size: 3.8ft

Exact measurements:  11.5" x 4.5" x 46"

Please Note!  If using this on hard surfaces, you will need the metal stand.

This stunning Solar Heron stake is handcrafted metal that brings elegance and glow to your outdoor wedding or themed event.   A solar panel on the back powers a string of LED lights that glow through the beautiful scroll cut-outs.  There is a display stand available (but not included) that can be used for indoor uses to add beauty to your wedding reception, Prom theme party, or corporate convention.  Non solar birds also available, as well as our   Flamingos or Snowy Egrets.

Material:  Solar and handcrafted from thick metal.  Finished with weather-resistant metallic paints.

Click here to view at dusk 

6/$33.00 each

4/$68.75 each 
6/$65.25 each